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Yesterday (26.01.2015)

Meet the seven prisoners behind the ICC walls

In Summary Meanwhile Ongwen will be behind the ICC walls with six other detainees also undergoing trial at the same court on different dates The trial of the former Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) commander, Maj Gen Dominic Ongwen starts today at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague, Netherlands. The trial, before the single judge of Pre-Trial Chamber II, will be telecast live. 12:59 26.01.2015 from channel Monitor Online

More than 370 get medals at NRM’s liberation day

A choir performs at NRM's 29 years liberation anniversary at Boma grounds, Soroti district on Monday. Courtesy photo  A total of 371 people have been awarded with medals for their contribution in the liberation of Uganda. This was on Monday during the commemoration of 29 years of NRM liberation at Boma grounds in Soroti district. The three category awards ceremony saw 132 people awarded with Nalubaale medal. 12:56 26.01.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Seguya’s return to office will not affect investigations –IGG

The inspectorate of government says the return of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) executive director Dr. Andrew Seguya to office will not affect its investigations. Dr. Seguya had been asked to step aside last year by the minister for Tourism Maria Mutagamba to allow investigation into the alleged theft of 1,300 kg of Ivory but was on Friday handed back the office. 11:12 26.01.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Fears in Gambia over detained family of alleged coup plotters

An opposition leader in the Gambia called Sunday for President Yahya Jammeh to release relatives of coup suspects arrested and kept incommunicado since the attack nearly four weeks ago. The presidential guard on December 30 put down a bid to seize power blamed mainly on ex-servicemen from the Gambian and US armed forces while Jammeh was in Dubai. 11:02 26.01.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Murdered sheikhs: Four Muslim clerics released on police bond

Four Muslim clerics suspected to have had a hand in the murders of sheikhs in the country were released last Friday. Sheikh Abdallah Ssebanyiga, Mr Abdurrahman Kikubira, Mr Sulaiman Ssemambo, and Ms Hajjarah Nabisubi a daughter of Mr Kikubira, were released on a police bond. 09:55 26.01.2015 from channel Monitor Online

KCCA razes taxi park kiosks, traders cry foul

A boy picks metal scrap from the debris as taxis go on with their business in the foreground. PHOTO BY RACHEL MABALA  By FARAHANI MUKISA & AL-MAHDI SSENKABIRWAPosted  Monday, January 26   2015 at  10:44 In Summary Not fair. 09:44 26.01.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Can January 26 be Uganda’s July 14?

Writing about the NRM revolution, Makerere University’s Prof Mamdani once remarked that the revolution had not established ingredients that sink ideals of revolutions into the psyches and memes of citizens. No captivating fairy tales for kids’ books, which would create a lasting impact as has been the case with revolutions elsewhere. 01:00 26.01.2015 from channel Monitor Online

What can we do to improve our education sector ?

On January 15, Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) released Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) results. Uneb reported that out of a total of 604,971 candidates who registered for last year’s PLE exams, 78 per cent were UPE beneficiaries. The achievements made in UPE programme are phenomenal. Yes, there has been a steady increase in enrollment in primary schools over the last 15 years. 01:00 26.01.2015 from channel Monitor Online

News organisations must invest in understanding modern audience

One of my favourite theories in media and communications is Uses and Gratifications (U&G). Before U&G, journalists and propagandists alike operated on the assumption that the audience is a passive recipient. But U&G reversed this thinking and posited that the audience is active and actually seeks information that gives it the gratifications that it desires. In the past, the word ‘media’ meant radio, newspapers and television. 01:00 26.01.2015 from channel Monitor Online

How did we arrive at Nebbi Hospital mess?

Here’s a problem that likely doesn’t have a solution, at least an immediate one, other than time. In those situations, what needs to happen is “lesson learned” so it doesn’t happen again. The issue regards Nebbi Hospital, which has been forced to put patients in places patients shouldn’t be placed – in spaces meant for toilets and next to highly infectious tuberculosis patients. 01:00 26.01.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Police killing the messenger

WBS cameraman Andrew Lwanga (M), in agony after he was badly beaten by the DPC Old Kampala while covering the jobless youth demonstration at Bakuli. INDEPENDENT/JIMMY SIYARecent attacks on journalists expose the plot to cover up crimes Jan. 12 was like any other normal working day for WBS TV’s Andrew Lwanga. 00:20 26.01.2015 from channel The Independent

Luweero won’t cry over spilt milk

Luttamaguzi Road in Kikandwa village in Nakaseke District. INDEPENDENT/PATRICK KAGENDAVillagers where Museveni based his war say they will develop with or without his help During its five-year fight against the government of President Milton Obote in the so-called `Luweero Triangle’, then - National Resistance Army (NRA) rebels led by Yoweri Museveni often issued `I-owe-you’ chits to individuals who offered them help. 00:17 26.01.2015 from channel The Independent

Uprooting NRM’s 'Mustard tree'

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, El Hajji Moses Kigongo, President Yoweri Museveni and First Lady Janet Museveni at the NRM Delegates Conference at Namboole. INDEPENDENT/JIMMY SIYAAs NRM celebrates its 29th victory anniversary Museveni has weakened all his opponents; why then is his party so weakened? Every Jan. 00:14 26.01.2015 from channel The Independent

ICC in tight spot over captured LRA commander Ongwen

LRA rebel chief Dominic Ongwen (C) was held by the African Union Regional Task Force. 00:12 26.01.2015 from channel The Independent

Mafia to grab Shs200bn Namanve power plant

Part of the plant at Namanve. NET PHOTOExpiry of operator Jacobsen’s contract sparks scramble Before their Operations & Maintenance license expired in September last year, the operators of one of Uganda’s two remaining thermal electricity generation plants at Namanve, near Kampala, applied for a renewal. 00:09 26.01.2015 from channel The Independent

Day before yesterday (25.01.2015)

What's Amama Mbabazi up to?

The Observer - What's Amama Mbabazi up to?. 21:02 25.01.2015 from channel The Observer

Why popes can’t resist Uganda

The Observer - Why popes can’t resist Uganda. 21:00 25.01.2015 from channel The Observer

Sejusa’s ally says regime collapsing

The Observer - Sejusa’s ally says regime collapsing. 20:58 25.01.2015 from channel The Observer

Archbishop Ntagali sued

The Observer - Archbishop Ntagali sued. 20:57 25.01.2015 from channel The Observer

How NRM held onto Busia fort

The Observer - How NRM held onto Busia fort. 20:56 25.01.2015 from channel The Observer



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