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Today (26.07.2014)

Devise means to retain doctors

In Summary Unfortunately, these are the majority of doctors treating us today. They are interested in setting up their own clinics and care less about government funded facilities and are only looking at how to make ends meet and get rich quick. I learnt from a friend that there are three types of doctors in Uganda. The pre-war generation doctors, the war generation doctors and the lost generation doctors. 01:00 26.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

MPs, media should keep researching

In Summary One can only imagine that there could be some people who have been denied employment in companies and organisations based on wolokoso. The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah came out last week to say that lack of research is affecting the quality of parliamentary debate. According to him, Members of Parliament are always politicking, instead of discussing real issues of development. 01:00 26.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

To fight youth unemployment, invest more in sports

In Summary All the above examples add up to one thing; professional sports is a venture worth taking. In Uganda, youth unemployment is high. Wayne Rooney is English and a Manchester united fooball player who earns £300,000 per week. Usain Bolt is an athlete who earns at least $10,000 for participating in an event. That amount excludes winning bonuses. 01:00 26.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Caught in the flirting act

Flirting is one of those things that people do as either a hobby or to pass time but this almost cost my friend her young marriage. It all started when she had spent just two months in her marriage, she began flirting with her ex on Facebook about the old good times and how she still preferred him to her husband, and she said she married someone else as revenge on him for cheating on her. 01:00 26.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

The plunging neckline

Brace yourselves ladies, the cleavage just got deeper and better, and it comes in form of the plunge. The V-neck that goes way down your chest, going as far as you want it to. But before taking on this very daring look, there might be just a few tips for you to know before trying out the look. The cut of your plunge mattersThe lower the cut, the more modest your bust should be. 01:00 26.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Threat of the married singles

A lot of women above 25 are actively dating. There is nothing unusual about dating. Single women do it all the time. But I’m also becoming more aware of the fact that married women; as in the ridiculously expensive white dress, church vows, bugged people to come for wedding meetings married, are also in the pool. 01:00 26.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Honey for chapped lips

Do you often have dry lips that tend to chap? I know that feeling. Many people often have this issue and trust me, it is not a good look to have. My friend once gave me a quick remedy to solve this problem and that was using honey on my lips. 01:00 26.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

I’m four years older than Maurice, but so what?

In Summary The Mugishas are the picture of a perfect couple and a perfect family. But you always give some and lose some so they too have made some compromises, firstly being that they broke the rules on age matters when it comes to relationships. Dear reader, the story you are going to read is one the writer tells with pint-sized bias. The prejudice that comes with falling in love at first sight with a people. 01:00 26.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

How do I know if she loves me?

In Summary Emmanuel emailed Full Woman asking, “How will I know that my woman loves me only (alone)?” We thought we would have his fellow men share with him what they have learnt in the past. BenjieYou won’t know. You just have to believe what you see and what she tells you. But even that is no guarantee. Women talk about their feelings a lot more than men do but they also keep secrets a lot better than we do. 01:00 26.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Mistakes to avoid on stage

Erika Bingi, the creative director at Barika Fashion House, points out the common mistakes made by female artistes when it comes to their stage costumes. • Revealing outfits. Some artistes believe that the more revealing an outfit is, the more exciting it is to the audience. So an artiste will be on a raised platform in a bikini top and short shorts and their die-hard fans will get a glimpse of more than they bargained for. 01:00 26.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Yesterday (25.07.2014)

Solutions to HIV have in a way contributed to its rise - experts

In Summary National Drug Authority’s executive secretary, Gordon Sematiko warns that if the current attitude towards HIV goes unchecked especially among the youth, the prevalence is likely to go even higher. She was introduced to a condom by her mother when she was just 10 years old. 01:00 25.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Struggling to stay on ARVs when poor

A room in Mark’s* house. A father of eight, he is currently jobless, making it hard for him to provide food for his family or get transport to go pick his medication. He therefore has to walk to the health centre to get drugs. Photo by Tae-gyun Kim  In Summary Having HIV/Aids is a tough situation to deal with. Having little to no money when one is HIV positive makes it even harder. 01:00 25.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

When pupils share class with sheep

Primary Five pupils waiting for their teacher as sheep occupy another classroom. The classrooms are separated by poles. Photo by Francis Mugerwa  In Summary The government-aided school in the oil-rich Hoima District has only two structures which are falling apart. Hoima- It is a windy and sunny afternoon. Classes are ongoing at Kyehoro Primary School, one of the public schools in Hoima District. 01:00 25.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Luweero mayor remanded over election petition debt

Mr Charles Sebyala (C), the Luweero Town Council mayor, campaigns for Ms Brenda Nabukenya (4th Left) during the Luweero District Woman MP by-election in May. Photo by Dan Wandera.   In Summary Mr Sebyala is accused of failing to pay more than Shs22m in an election petition that he lost in 2007. 01:00 25.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Thugs kill cattle distributed under restocking programme

Residents plough with bulls in Gulu District recently. The cattle restocking project is aimed at improving the livelihood of residents. Several cattle distributed to residents under restocking programme have been killed by unknown assailants. 01:00 25.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Egypt owes Uganda, says envoy

Former Internal Affairs minister Kirunda Kivejinja (L) greets Egyptian Ambassador Ahmed Abdel Aziz Mostafa (R) during celebrations in Kampala on Wednesday. Photo by Stephen Wandera  In Summary The country was lauded on the support rendered in the 2013 revolution which saw change in leadership of Egypt. 01:00 25.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Uganda loses Shs1 trillion in capital outflows annually

In Summary There are many multinational companies operating here Although Uganda is attracting a lot of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), it loses $400 million (about Shs1. 05 trillion)per year in capital outflows in form of dividend payments to the shareholders, the Ministry of Finance has revealed. 01:00 25.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Tax holidays hurting URA performance, says Kagina

Uganda Revenue Authority Commissioner General Allen Kagina addresses the media in Kampala yesterday. PHOTO BY FAISWAL KASIRYE  In Summary Alternatives Security, markets, infrastructural development, energy suggested for investment attraction Tax holidays and exemptions have had a negative impact on revenue collections, Uganda Revenue Authority Commissioner General Allen Kagina has said. 01:00 25.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

AGOA failure blamed on private sector

In Summary Free trade deal expires next year with hope for extension Ugandan traders’ failure to exploit the huge American market under AGOA agreement is due to the private sector’s failure to produce enough and good quality products, an official has said. 01:00 25.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Africa swine fever kills 3,000 pigs in Adjumani

In Summary Due to continuous violation of the quarantine, the disease spread to all the nine sub-counties as well as Adjumani Town Council. ADJUMANI-African swine fever has killed at least 3,000 pigs in Adjumani District since the outbreak of the viral disease late last year. 01:00 25.07.2014 from channel Monitor Online



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