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Yesterday (01.08.2015)

Breastfeeding tips for working mothers

You will be giving your child his much require nutrients and vitamins that keep his body, particularly his immune system strong through breast milk- need we say more? True, you may find it difficult to squeeze in time for breastfeeding. Here are the top 10 tips to help you tackle it all and still breastfeed your baby: 1. 01:00 01.08.2015 from channel Monitor Online

I don’t want to be known for breaking hearts - Karamagi

What exactly do you do?I’m many things including a Linguist, writer, aspiring historian and reader. Among other things, I work with the Human Rights and Peace Centre at the School of Law, Makerere University. Everything else you see on television is the volunteer and activist side of me. I hold an Upper Second Honours Bachelor of Laws degree from Uganda Christian University, Mukono. 01:00 01.08.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Glimmers of hope for relegation-threatened Charity Trust Fund

In Summary HOPE SPRINGS. With inspirational Jonathan Ssebanja scheduled to return from his semi-pro stint in UK next month, Charity must negotiate this month’s fixtures with the precision of an assassin. KAMPALA. With an average age of 17, Charity Trust Fund Cricket Club (CTFCC) are officially the youngest franchise in the men’s divisions. 01:00 01.08.2015 from channel Monitor Online

EPL reloaded

In Summary SOCCER. The English Premier League returns hotter than ever before, with sumptuous curtainraiser Community Shield clash between champions Chelsea and Cup holders Arsenal. For only the second time in the history of this match, Chelsea and Arsenal meet tomorrow to compete for the first silverware of the season. 01:00 01.08.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Proper care for a newborn baby

Three and a half million children worldwide die every year before they make five years yet 25 per cent of these infant deaths can be prevented by maintaining good hygiene, breast feeding and thermal protection, according to Prof. Joy Lawn, a global activist for maternal and newborn health rights. 01:00 01.08.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Why Arsenal are dangerous opponents

Cech is poised to give the youthful Arsenal brigade a new mature look. PHOTO BY AFP  The tell-tale signs are there, invisible only to those afflicted by Biblical blindness. After eleven years in the doldrums, Arsenal are finally ready to mount a serious challenge for the English Premiership title. So where are the signs? Firstly, the Gunners are cash-rich. 01:00 01.08.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Talking isn’t necessarily communicating

She talked right through our relationship. From the moment I asked her out, to the moment we decided it wasn’t working out and went our separate ways, she was talking. She even talked in her sleep, as if she had not done enough talking during the day. I’m not joking about this. I mean, this girl had no sense of shutting up; she was like a radio that never went off. 01:00 01.08.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Stewed egg plant

Egg plants are in plentiful supply in most of the markets and it is worth taking advantage of their relatively cheap prices, to make stewed eggplant, a simple yet tasty dish that can be served as your main stew or as a side dish. Ingredients to serve 5large egg plants 1 large onion2 cloves garlic 3 large tomatoes2 tsp tsp turmeric 2 tbsp Royco2 tbsp tomato paste 2 tbsp cooking oil2 stalks celery and leaves 2 small red chilies1 tsp salt 1. 01:00 01.08.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Dressing for a music concert

Create a chic-casual look with a pair of skinny jeans. Spice up with some bright colours and leave behind bags that will inconvinience you. photos by Edgar R. Batte.   An easy trick is to start bottom upwards. Once you have chosen your shoes, go about finding the perfect outfit to complement your shoes. 01:00 01.08.2015 from channel Monitor Online

I can be naughty and playful too - NTV’s Josephine Karungi

Karungi tied the knot with music producer, Vince Musisi, in 2012, although it is not clear whether the two are still together. net photo.   I met Josephine Karungi for the interview at Kampala Serena Hotel, which houses NTV - Uganda where she works. Dressed in a knee-length floral dress and flat white shoes, a jovial Karungi came out to meet me at the reception. 01:00 01.08.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Day before yesterday (31.07.2015)

Civil Society sue Ugandan government for law that threatens farmers livelihoods

David-Kabanda-(C)-addresses-the-press-on-July-30-at-the-CEHURD-offices-in-KampalaA consortium of civil society organisations filed a case in the Constitutional Court in Kampala on July 30 against the government to declare the Plant Variety Protection Act, 2014 null and void. The law was passed by Parliament on Dec. 20, 2013 and was assented to by President Yoweri Museveni on June 21, last year. 18:50 31.07.2015 from channel The Independent

Reforms and Reforms: Is there any that works for Africa?

By Dr. Maria Barifaijo KaguhangirePosted  Friday, July 31   2015 at  09:58 Many African Countries have implemented several development theories and approaches that include modernization, colonization, nationalism, structural adjustment programs etc. Of late many countries in Africa have undertaken public sector reforms often following the NPM principles. 09:58 31.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Byandala arrested like chicken thief, says minister

Minister Abraham Byandala is checked by a police officer. File Photo  In Summary Mr Byandala is held culpable for a letter he wrote directing UNRA to sign the Shs165 billion contract with Eutaw, a construction company which was later established to be a scam Works and Transport minister John Byabagambi has condemned the manner in which his Cabinet colleague Mr Abraham Byandala, was arrested and subsequently remanded to Luzira prison. 09:36 31.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Phase out nursing certificate courses - experts

First Lady Janet Museveni (C) chats with Prof Kweku Bentil (R) during the regional alumni conference for midwives and nurses in Kampala yesterday. Looking on is the Dean of the Aga Khan University School of Nursing and Midwifery, Prof Yasmin Amarsi (L). PHOTO BY DOMINIC BUKENYA  In Summary Recommendation. Experts say minimum qualifications for one to be a nurse should be a diploma and not a certificate. 09:33 31.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Police boss warns on guarding rich

Commissioner Haruna Isabirye (R) hands over instruments of power to Commissioner Benjamin Namanya at Kampala Metropolitan Police headquarters yesterday. Looking on is director of special duties, Mr Andrew Sorowen. PHOTO BY Andrew Bagala  The outgoing commander of Kampala Metropolitan Police (KPM) has warned his successor not to succumb to pressure from the rich to be given police guards at the expense of the community. 01:13 31.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

One night in a kafunda

The city is littered with hangout joints that may seem unsavoury because they do not have the same setup as the upscale bars. But these bufunda as they are popularly referred to, are a spot of entertainment. PHOTO BY MICHAEL KAKUMIRIZI  In Summary Used to the usual uptown, clubs, bars and entertainment places? Well, it is an entirely different, fascinating world in the low-class bars popularly known as bufundas. 01:00 31.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Kenya Airways in Shs796b loss

By Doorthy Nakaweesi & Edwin OkothPosted  Friday, July 31   2015 at  01:00 Kampala / Nairobi- Kenya Airways (KQ) made the biggest net loss in the Kenya’s corporate history posting Shs796. 7b (Ksh25. 7b) for the year ended March. The loss before tax was at a record Shs920. 7b (Ksh29. 7b), as capital expenditure and operating costs raced ahead of the airline’s revenues. 01:00 31.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Ddamulira still reeling from hitting Shs206m jackpot

By EDGAR R. BATTEPosted  Friday, July 31   2015 at  01:00 June 26 will forever be etched in Lawrence Ddamulira’s memory. On that day, at 3pm, he received a phone call informing him he had won a whooping Shs206m, which is going to change his and the family’s life. He went wild with excitement, and immediately called his fiancé to break the news to her. She was hesitant though. 01:00 31.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

What your boss thinks of you matters

At a recent training for middle managers, a manager stunned participants when he said some of his team members were ‘deadwood’. But he could not fire them opting to give them time to improve. This discussion was on the side-line of a two- day training, which aimed at improving staff productivity. It raises two important questions. 01:00 31.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Do you have any question?

Try not to ask questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. FILE PHOTO  Lillian Ssebaana has sat through numerous job interviews. Most of the times, she has lost out to job seekers younger than her. On other occasions, the interview does not last more than three minutes before she is told “you can leave. ” But that did not deter her quest for a white collar job. “I did not study to become a boutique owner. 01:00 31.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online



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