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Yesterday (20.04.2014)

Magistrate rides boda-boda for lack of vehicle

An illustration of Mr Mutazindwa riding on a boda boda to Nakapiripirit. illustration by alex kwizera  In Summary Working in Karamoja, Mr Katorogo Mutazindwa travels for 98 kilometres on a boda boda to hear cases, writes Steven Ariong Lack of means of transport has forced a chief magistrate in Karamoja to ride on boda-boda to court in order to hear cases. 01:10 20.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Ayigihugu: The daring advocate

Ayigihugu at work in the 1990s. Courtesy photo  In Summary The most basic attribute was his unnerving simplicity. He put you at ease - employee and client alike. 01:00 20.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Will Gen Aronda finally deliver ID cards for Ugandans?

The dummy of Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi's national ID which was presented to him in 2011. file photo  In Summary Since 2011 when President Museveni was issued with the dummy of the national ID, Ugandans have been eager to receive the documents. Last week, the registration of citizens kicked off. Sunday Monitor’s Eriasa Mukiibi Sserunjogi traces the project and its troubled path. 01:00 20.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

All planes are planes; dreamliners, jet fighters, junk choppers…

In Summary I didn’t want to allow them go off on an unguided argument so I briefly told them about the top passenger plane makers namely the France based Airbus, Brazilian Embraer, their Canadian rival Bombardier, and of course the American Boeing whose Dreamliner was making tempers flare in my living room. My maid is far more patriotic than the minister’s maid. 01:00 20.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

It is budgeting time again

Finance minister Maria Kiwanuka at the Budget reading last year. Photo by Geoffrey Sseruyange  In Summary As the financial year 2013/14 draws to a close, the people responsible for legislation of laws are back to check the accounts. Ministries are now required state what their coffers look like. But the politics in the ruling party cannot just pass by; it is allover. 01:00 20.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Why government can afford a functional railway transport for Kampala

The Mexico Metro in Mexico, unlike the Delhi one, is built alongside the roads.   In Summary Recently, the Kampala Capital City Authorities officials issued an artistic impression of how they plan to introduce fly-overs in the city to solve the traffic jam issue. However, that could not be the best solution. Sunday Monitor’s Emmanuel Ainebyoona looks at the possible options the Authority can explore. 01:00 20.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

The lawyers of yesterday and of today are a great contrast

By Prof George W. KanyeihambaPosted  Sunday, April 20  2014 at  01:00 In Summary Then I recalled one rich lawyer of questionable integrity who deliberately told a lie to force me to disqualify myself in a Supreme Court case which he feared my participation would not be in the interests of his client’s. 01:00 20.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

First Easter party in Uganda

A caravan of the White Fathers as they arrived in Uganda. Fr Lourdel and Brother Frera Amans docked at Bugonga Landing Site on February 17, 1879. File photo  In Summary During the first Easter that natives participated in, only four Catholic converts, who a day before had been baptised by Fr Lourdel aka Mapeera, received the holy sacrament of confirmation, writes Faustin Mugabe. 01:00 20.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

This Easter, surely, our moral gods could pledge to do more

In Summary If we must have a pure - if sterile - country, the puritans must go all the way. Else they have to explain why they pick this evil act over that evil act. And I want to think none of them is evil as such Religious festivals such as Easter offer yet another opportunity for platitudes to be spouted about love, tolerance, respect, this and that. 01:00 20.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Where is Europe headed?

In Summary Hardly had celebrations in Ukraine’s capital Kiev and in Western capitals begun than Russian special forces were sent to the border with Ukraine, which then took control of the historically Russian region of Crimea, a referendum was hastily called, the residents of Crimea voted unanimously to return to Russia and that was that. 01:00 20.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Day before yesterday (19.04.2014)

Help the Judiciary administer justice

The State should save the bench. The Judiciary is ill-staffed, stressed and sluggish to effectively enforce the rule of law. Jinja High Court circuit alone is chocking on 800 backlogs of criminal cases and needs 10 years for the cases to be cleared up. Indeed, the State should pay serious attention to the Judiciary. 01:00 19.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Disputes in the Judiciary are cause for alarm

The Principle Judge is a sad man. At least if one is to go by what he uttered in his statement in the Daily Monitor, April 4 titled, ‘Principle Judge blames govt in Lukwago row’. Indeed, the Principle Judge is sad because what has been going on in the Judiciary where he serves as the “head prefect” of the High Court is poignant. 01:00 19.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

National ID project is not a tribe identification parade

Hussein Rugaba Kashillingi asked: “Why should the national ID have an expiry date?” Well, and I ask: “Who qualifies to hold Uganda’s national ID?”And Nuwamanya Wakabirigi Sula, an old friend from my old digs in Kigali made a Facebook post quoting President Museveni as saying: “Bafumbira are ethnically Banyarwanda. But you cannot say they are Banyarwanda”. 01:00 19.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Delayed draws stretch Micho’s Afcon plans

Uganda Cranes coach Micho is frustrated by Caf’s delays. Photo by Eddie Chicco  In Summary The qualifying draw was initially supposed to take place in Morocco on March 10 last year during the Caf General Assembly but without clear reasons, the executive committee sitting on March 8 2013, decided that it instead be held on January 31 this year during Chan in South Africa. 01:00 19.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Embrace change : It is the only constant in life

By David F. K. MpangaPosted  Saturday, April 19  2014 at  01:00 A few months ago, I quoted Heraclitus, the pre-Socractic Greek philosopher, who said that “Change is the only constant in life” to highlight the need for all of us to always plan for and be ready for change in every aspect of our lives. 01:00 19.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Unbeaten run on test

Uganda Martyrs University’s Mark Mayanja (L) defends against a Makerere opponent last weekend. Makerere, second in Conference A and third-placed Uganda Martyrs have a task of halting UCU Mukono’s unbeaten run. UCU top the Conference and are already guaranteed a place in the play-offs. Photo by Aminah Babirye  In Summary Before facing Makerere, UCU will entertain Uganda Martyrs, currently lying third in the Conference. 01:00 19.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Would be great for soccer if Liverpool, Atletico won titles

Diego Costa has been so outstanding for Atletico Madrid this season. Atletico currently lead the Spanish La Liga standings. Agencies photo  In Summary Enter Atletico Madrid and Liverpool, clubs in the leagues Platini’s Uefa ranks highest in Europe, two domestic competitions that in the first place have been the inspiration behind the Frenchman’s battle for a semblance of equality. 01:00 19.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Jose magic gives Blues advantage

Mourinho has the character to withstand pressure. Agencies photo  In Summary Jose Mourinho is heads and shoulders above Brendan Rogers and Manuel Pellegrini when it comes to leadership and that is what you need in such circumstances. It is late for predictions so this is just me adding to what has been the bubbliest English Premier League climax in years. 01:00 19.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Red Devils to frustrate Everton

Everton’s Seamus Coleman closes down former Evertonian Rooney in a past tie. Faded Utd visit Goodison tomorrow. PHOTO BY AFP   In Summary United have the league’s best away record and will pose a more serious challenge. Roberto Martinez’s reign as Everton manager is one of several firsts. 01:00 19.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Gareth Bale on Real Madrid wonder goal: ‘I just kept my eye on the ball’

Welshman Bale, the world’s most expensive player of all time, jumps in jubilation moments after his sensational winner for Real Madrid against arch-rivals Barcelona on Wednesday night. 01:00 19.04.2014 from channel Monitor Online



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