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Today (22.12.2014)

Tunisia election: Marzouki refuses to admit defeat

In Summary Naveena Kottoor reports: For many this was one of the most memorable days of their lives Moncef Marzouki has refused to admit defeat in Tunisia's first free presidential election after exit polls suggested Beji Caid Essebsi had won. The caretaker president, a former exile, said his rival's declaration of victory was "undemocratic". 10:08 22.12.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Jordan hangs 11 men after eight-year death penalty moratorium

In Summary A number of countries in the Middle East continue to impose the death penalty for serious crimes, including Jordan's neighbour Saudi Arabia, which has executed 83 people so far this year Human rights groups took Jordan to task on Sunday as the country ended an eight-year moratorium on the death penalty by hanging 11 men convicted of murder. 10:03 22.12.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Holiday season driving tips for highways

Every death on our roads is a major tragedy causing enormous emotional pain and grief to family and friends. Even more distressing is the fact that many of those killed are young people. The major contributions to serious road accidents are speeding, alcohol, driving when tired and the non-use of restraints. All these factors are within the control of the driver, which means that almost all road deaths and serious injuries can be prevented. 08:04 22.12.2014 from channel The Independent

Changing face of Christmas

An outer Christmas decoration at Acacia Mall in Kampala. INDEPENDENT/JIMMY SIYABigger gifts are in, cards are out It’s that time of the year again when everything around seems more colourful. The festive season is here. Many people are thinking of their own special way of marking the Christmas break. 07:56 22.12.2014 from channel The Independent

Turbulence in the skies

Why 2014 will possibly be a year that the aviation industry will want to forget in a hurry No aviation deaths were registered in the industry in Uganda but the grounding of several local airline operations left the local industry shaken to the core. 07:46 22.12.2014 from channel The Independent

Mbabazi out, what next?

Central Executive Committee members at the NRM National conference. INDEPENDENT/JIMMY SIYAMuseveni caps 2014 on a high President Yoweri Museveni has officially defeated his latest challenger, ex-Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, but observers now wait to see what he will do with the victory. In a well-orchestrated game of political manoeuvres, the National Executive Committee (NEC) on Dec. 07:40 22.12.2014 from channel The Independent

How to manage stomach gas

Activated charcoal can be used to relieve stomach gas and remove toxins from the body. File photo  In Summary However, passing out gas that is smelly and loud, rumblings in the lower abdomen, as well as abdominal discomfort could be a sign that the flatulence is becoming excessive. If there is anything that makes a person uncomfortable, it is the feeling of flatulence, or simply put, the need to pass out gas. 01:00 22.12.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Can hair dye be a health hazard?

Testing the dye before it is used on the hair reduces the risk of developing adverse allergic reactions on both the hair and skin. file photo  In Summary But for 26-year-old Mercy Atim, a hair colouring session turned into a nightmare that left her hospitalised. For long, hair dye or colouring has been a trend associated with young people. 01:00 22.12.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Good dental care for children

In Summary Here are some pointers that parents should lookout for or practice, to ensure their children do not suffer from dental-related problems. It is holiday time again. This is the period parents should use to monitor and review their children’s overall wellbeing, including their dental health. 01:00 22.12.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Fighting porn is a catch-22

In Summary Presently, no Internet service providers (ISPs) filter or block pornographic materials on the widely accessible social media platforms, even where a user would rather not receive it. Moreover, users are not offered any opt-in or opt-out of such content. The fight against pornographic materials should be now to restore moral decency in Uganda. 01:00 22.12.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Painkillers can reduce risk of skin cancer - study

Medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen are commonly used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. PHOTO BY RACHEL MABALA  In Summary The drugs have previously been linked to a reduced risk of other cancers, including colon cancer. Experts said staying out of the sun and wearing sun cream were the most effective ways to avoid skin cancer. 01:00 22.12.2014 from channel Monitor Online

How to keep healthy, fit this festive season

The festive season come with a lot of eating and drinking. However, choose foods that do not contain a lot of fat. Net photo  In Summary It is the festive season. For many people, this means indulging in a lot of eating and drinking. While some of the eating may be healthy, others may be a health risk. Here are things you can do to keep your festive celebrations healthy. 01:00 22.12.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Why do I suffer miscarriages?

Suffering miscarriage is a traumatising experience for women and their families. Seeking counselling services can help a mother who has had a miscarriage. FILE PHOTO  In Summary Identifiable causes may include womb swellings (fibroids), excessive size of womb opening, problems within the substances contained in the sperms or ova, especially in advanced maternal age, hormones (thyroid, diabetes) and abnormal body immune substance production. 01:00 22.12.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Facts about milk you should know

In Summary More than half of the fat in whole milk is saturated. Saturated fat can increase the risk of hyperlipidaemia (high cholesterol and triglycerides in blood), leading to heart disease. For generations, milk has been considered one of the best sources of food. It is rich in proteins, sugars, fat, vitamins and minerals. 01:00 22.12.2014 from channel Monitor Online

Govt agrees to reinstate Lukwago

The Observer - Govt agrees to reinstate Lukwago. 00:27 22.12.2014 from channel The Observer

How Kidega took Zziwa job

The Observer - How Kidega took Zziwa job. 00:24 22.12.2014 from channel The Observer

43 MPs to resign seats

The Observer - 43 MPs to resign seats. 00:18 22.12.2014 from channel The Observer

What if opposition focused on getting numbers in Parliament?

The Observer - What if opposition focused on getting numbers in Parliament?. 00:11 22.12.2014 from channel The Observer

$1.8m US counterfeiter netted, charged

The Observer - $1. 8m US counterfeiter netted, charged. 00:09 22.12.2014 from channel The Observer

Yesterday (21.12.2014)

Ondoga pins 7th State witness

23:56 21.12.2014 from channel The Observer



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