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Day before yesterday (03.07.2015)

Suspect on sectarian charges granted Shs1.5m bail

Kampala. A politician accused of promoting sectarianism and fraud-related charges was yesterday granted cash bail of Shs1. 5 million. Mr Ellady Muyambi, 39, was granted temporary freedom after spending almost two weeks in Luzira prison. On June 19, Mr Muyambi denied the three counts brought against him, including two on promoting sectarianism and one on forgery. 01:00 03.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

We must do something about the widening social inequality

With the exception of security, it is difficult to point to a department where the government has succeeded. The roll-out of Universal Primary Education and the National Agricultural Advisory Services, for example, were intended to diminish poverty levels and cause a shift in income from poor to rich. But there is no evidence to suggest that this or other government poverty eradication programmes have succeeded. 01:00 03.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Stay away from Mt Elgon area

The people living on the slopes of Mt Elgon should get off in good time before another mudslide brings disaster. Already, a recent report warns of imminent mudslides in Manafwa as the rocks are under tension, are exposing water openings, with grounds now soggy, and the soils sliding down. This early warning should give the Elgon highlanders ample time to be prepared. 01:00 03.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

A time to fast, and a time to give

Naiga, Kayima, and Robina “Bina Baby” Mbabazi hand over sadaq to Faridah Nabagga (2nd L) and one of her daughters Zahara Firdaus Ndagire (L). Muslims are encouraged to give food the poor so that they too share in breaking the fast. PHOTO by ISMAIL KEZAALA  In Summary Muslims are encouraged to give alms, especially during Ramadhan. 01:00 03.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Allow Mbabazi supporters to express themselves - NRM boss

The Serere District NRM chairperson has criticised party members who are victimising former prime minister Amama Mbabazi supporters saying they should be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights. Mr Fred Okello, who is also the district speaker, said support for President Museveni within the party is still strong and there is no need to harass Mr Mbabazi’s supporters. 01:00 03.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Buganda to verify returned land titles

Buganda Kingdom information minister Ssengendo Walusimbi (L) hands over land titles to the Buganda Land Board chief executive officer, Mr Kyewalabye Male, at Bulange, Mengo on Wednesday. PHOTO BY STEPHEN WANDERA  In Summary Alterations. 01:00 03.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Absorption of Budget funds increases to 50 per cent

UNRA executive director Allen Kagina looking at the map of the Entebbe-Express Highway following a tour of the site recently. She was impressed by the progess of the work. PHOTO BY STEPHEN OTAGE  Kampala- The level of Budget absorption of funds for development projects in ministries/ agencies have increased from an average of 23 per cent some years ago to 50 per cent now. This means implementation of government projects is improving. 01:00 03.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

NSSF avails Shs40b to fill housing deficit

Housing Finance managing director Mathias Katamba, NSSF’s MD Richard Byarugaba, and Umeme’s deputy managing director Sam Zimbe address journalists at Housing Finance offices in Kololo on Tuesday. PHOTO BY STEPHEN WANDERA  Kampala- National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has availed Shs40 billion to construction industry players seeking to develop affordable residential estates (apartments) across the country. 01:00 03.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Dilapidated foreign missions up for renovation

Kampala- Foreign missions abroad will be refurbished and new properties acquired this financial year following an increment in their budget from Shs95. 4 billion to Shs121. 4 billion. This is Shs7 billion above what the ministry had requested for the Financial Year 2015/2016. Much of the money for this fiscal year will be for recurrent wage and non–wage expenditure. 01:00 03.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

‘North, west top early marriages’

Mr Robert Kizito, a teacher at Our Lady of Africa SS Namilyango, with Rossete Mugwaneza of Kitante Primary School in a drama scene on rape in schools during the girl-child workshop in Kampala recently. PHOTO BY RACHEL MABALA  In Summary Appalling. 01:00 03.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online


Why do men love endowed women?

Just the other day, I sat with a girl at a coffee place. Our conversation was broad and the coffee was great. My date and I freely talked about everything and anything, almost anyway. We talked weight, the welcoming ambiance of the coffee place plus its immediate environs, the beautiful art pieces strewn high up on its, as if pristine painted walls for the eye to see, and then came the topic that stoked my attention. 01:00 02.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Trees, open drainages a danger to road safety

Guardrails not only protect pedestrians but also prevent cars from crashing into the drainages incase of an accident. PHOTO by Abubaker Lubowa.   In Summary There are several ways to make roads safe. Andrew Bagala writes about how guardrails can make this possible. 01:00 02.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

What could happen to your car during transit?

To be assured of the safety of your car in transit, it is advisable that the importer acquires transit insurance cover so that you can be compensated in case of any loss or damage to your car during transit. Net photo  In Summary Importing a car can be a challenge and along the way, anything can happen to it. Roland Nasasira spoke to car importers on the risks they face while transporting vehicles. 01:00 02.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

These two women are confusing me

The counsellor advises Bryan to stick to one woman if he wants to know where his heart really belongs. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA  The problemDear Heart to Heart, I recently met a girl that I love so much. She comes from a wealthy family and does not need anything from me. She seems to love me too, but there are some aspects I feel that she falls short of and despite trying to explain to her, she does not want to comply. 01:00 02.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Chipper: Cars are my life

Chipper Adams owns a Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series. He loves cars and never lets anyone drive him. PHOTO BY Edgar R Batte.   In Summary Chipper Adams is a name synonymous with rally driving in Uganda. He won a number of trophies and enjoyed the limelight in motor sport. The former rally driver occasionally drives to boost morale. 01:00 02.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

The kind of girls I want to drag to court

Jim is a brilliant lawyer and a bit of a Devil’s advocate. So, he was my first port of call when I needed someone to consult about a vexing issue. I wanted a brilliant person to help me build a legal case (have you noticed lawyers in UG are described thus?). Yes, I am taking legal action against thousands, and perhaps millions. It is going to be a long, hard fight and I am ready for it. 01:00 02.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

My Becky got wooed by an iPhone6 and a TV

First, she appeared with a smart phone, a brand new smart phone — an iPhone 6. We all know that thing is not cheap, and for someone working part time at a call centre, an iPhone 6 is not exactly within their salary range. I did not ask the source of this new gadget, and since she was not offering to discuss it, I let it pass. But two days later, she had a handbag I had never seen before. 01:00 02.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Let not politics ruin your relationship

In Summary Love and politics. They say politics is a dirty game, and indeed it is. It is one of those things that people often fail to compromise on. So, what happens in a relationship where partners have different views? Amos Ngwomoya writes. Growing up, Juliet’s dad was always cautious about his political comments. When he returned home after casting his vote, they would excitedly rush to ask him who he had elected. 01:00 02.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

If they don’t fit, do not suffocate your body

The blue velvet hugged her like an undersized body bag, emphasising all the wrong places. She had a wide shoulder blade and ample bosom, her dress left little to imagination, especially when it hugged her swollen belly and no, it was not a baby bump, just a really well rounded midsection. She looked a lot like the genie from Aladdin’s magic lamp for as our eyes descended, there was little else to see but a frumpy trail of velvet. 01:00 02.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online

My co-wife and I are friends

Although she is a second wife, Jamila Eton says she does not encourage women to settle for second place . PHOTO BY EDGAR R. BATTE By Edgar R. BattePosted  Thursday, July 2  2015 at  01:00 In Summary Love is blind. Jamila Eton is a second wife of Rashid Eton, a local council chairman in Dokolo District. She says she does not regret being a second wife, and she, in fact, works well with her co-wife. 01:00 02.07.2015 from channel Monitor Online



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