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Yesterday (29.03.2015)

Rwandan importers demand own cargo area at Mombasa port

Despite the endeavor by EAC heads of state to advocate for the removal of all trade barriers on the so-called Northern Corridor, Rwandan importers are still crying over what they consider as trade barrier at Mombasa port.   The Northern Corridor describes a network of roads, railways, and pipelines that serve the most important transport route in the EAC; from the Kenyan port of Mombasa, through Kampala, to Kigali, Bujumbura, and the DRC. 23:53 29.03.2015 from channel The Independent

Museveni fails on poverty, democracy, corruption

So why don’t Ugandans care? The latest poll conducted in Uganda in December 2014 by the International Republican Institute (IRI) - the American non-profit that advances democracy worldwide, two-thirds of the respondents (69%) say the country is headed in the right direction. And 80% of the respondents say President Yoweri Museveni is responsible for the good ride. 23:48 29.03.2015 from channel The Independent

The bank lady

Lately I have developed a phobia! Let’s say, I’ have bank-o-phobia. That should be the fear of banking halls. That large cold and hollow place with pretty ladies for whom time died. The moment you step in and make eye contact, it is a spell and you are going to take some sweet long time in there! I’m just thinking of the bank lady! Oh I’m probably hating on them. 02:00 29.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Fan mail to our celebs

Men too need financial discipline. Shutterstock photo   Dear Radio and Weasel,Hallo, I’m your biggest fan in East Africa. I enjoy everything you have ever sung. Ok, everything except Obudde. It is monotonous and sounds like a nursery school chant. Neera makes me cry, I don’t know why. Radio, I love your sweet voice and soulful sound. Weasel, I have never heard anyone with a voice rougher than yours. 02:00 29.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Wife shouts at children

What can I do to a woman who shouts at our children. Yoram F. Dear Yoram, Most parents have shouted at their children in response to a mistake. However, shouting at children may inflict psychological damage with potential long-term consequences. Shouting at a problem may not solve it but worsen and show lack of control. 02:00 29.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Are Blacks in danger?

Kenyan authorities have closed a Chinese restaurant in Nairobi after social media informed us that the place doesn’t allow African patrons to eat there after 5pm. I guess this means that a black person who finds himself still eating at 4:45pm would really have to rush through their sweet and sour pork to beat the impending curfew. 02:00 29.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Fr Musaala to opt for another calling

Fr Anthony Musaala was suspended by the Catholic church. Photo by abubaker lubowa  In Summary Two years back, Fr Anthony Musaala, known as the dancing priest, was suspended indefinitely from priestly duties. Last week, he posted on his Facebook timeline a message that left majority puzzled on whether he has resigned from the Catholic Church or not. Lydia Ainomugisha met him at his home in Gayaza, Wakiso district, to explain his next move. 02:00 29.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

When should you stop sharing a bed with your child

In Summary It’s not just toddlers crawling under the covers with mum and dad. Plenty of older children are spending nights there too. Is this okay for them? What about their parents? Pauline Bangirana interacted with different individuals on what they think of parents and children sharing beds. Sharing a bed with a child is a common trend today. Some may be limited by space but to others, a child is being protected. 02:00 29.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

The death of spring in Afghanistan

In Summary While you celebrate emancipation, some countries are stuck to keeping women in the backyard. For the first time in the history of Afghanistan, women went out carrying the coffin of a young lady who was killed and burned by a mob last week. It is taboo for Muslim women even to participate in funerals, mind you carrying the coffin and proceeding to bury the dead. But this was no ordinary deceased. 02:00 29.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Keep fit and live well

Eating well is essential in the factor of your wellness living, however, its important and more effective when combined with exercise. Fitting exercise in a busy schedule isn’t always the easiest thing, but take stock of some of these tips to help you get on track to fitness and wellness. Stretch first. Help yourself avoid injuries by stretching each time you exercise. 02:00 29.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

THROUGH MY EYES: When the evil party is the pedestrian

We like to complain about the dangers of driving on Uganda’s roads. Bodaboda riders and taxi drivers rank high on the “Die, stupid driver, die!” pyramid and the rest of us come in second. Make no mistake. Almost all Ugandans are suicidal drivers. You have to be to survive the roads. You have to grit your teeth and throw all rules aside as you navigate the jungle that is Kampala’s roads. 02:00 29.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Brian Mulondo, an entertainer

Brian Mulondo is a co-host of Morning at NTV on NTV. He is an MC and describes himself as a free spirit. 1. What time do you wake up?I wake up at 4. 30am because my job is to wake up the rest of Uganda on Morning at NTV every week day. 2. What keeps you smiling?I enjoy every moment of life. Work, family and friends, I keep it real. I enjoy knowing that someone might have been changed because of what I do. 02:00 29.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Day before yesterday (28.03.2015)

Ndejje stand in KCC path to Cup quarters

KAMPALA. After jettisoning holders URA from of the Uganda Cup on Tuesday, KCC coach Abdallah Mubiru predicted his side “were good for at least one trophy this season. ” Today, his side can move to within three victories of Cup glory if they eliminate Big League side Ndejje Univeristy in one of the last two round of 16 ties this evening. 02:00 28.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Cheptegei, Kiplimo lead medal quest at World x-try

Cheptegei boasts of a bulging reputation and is a medal hopeful. Photo by Ismail Kezaala  In Summary The best individual senior runner will pocket Shs87m and the second Shs43m Kampala. Like an army commander who goes to the war front without his best weapon, Team Uganda will be without their biggest medal prospect Moses Kipsiro at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Guiyang, China this morning. 02:00 28.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

25-year-old tech geek

Ampaire when she won the PIVOT East competition. Courtesy photo.   In Summary Twenty five-year-old Christine Ampaire’s love for technology began in her childhood when her father introduced her to video games. She talks about how it finally became a consuming passion. “My father, Edward Kataama, did not want us to play with the children in the neighbourhood. 02:00 28.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Namilyango, Smack looking to exorcise semifinal demons

Kampala. Reaching the finals of the National Schools Super 8 was previously the order of the day for St Mary’s College Kisubi (Smack) and Namilyango College. But that was then. The hierachy was hacked into last season when Hana Mixed and Kololo SS out-muscled the two traditional giants in Makerere to ensure a new look final. This year’s semifinal fixtures are not different from last year’s. 02:00 28.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Cranes in Nigeria: How long before they fade?

Kizito is one of the emerging talents, but will we still have him in three years? For continuity, not just Fufa but society must take responsibility. Photo by Ismail Kezaala  It might be several years longer than the lifetime of a mosquito, but a football player’s career is still one of the shortest things out there. 02:00 28.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

We have a coach, now let’s get a psychologist

In Summary Mental conditioning must be part of our preparations as much as cones, bibs and allowances Uganda rarely win away from home and the scalps don’t normally come as big as Nigeria. But that’s what happened on Wednesday night when Farouk Miya’s solitary strike delivered a rare victory over hosts and powerhouse Nigeria. 02:00 28.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online

Survival for the fittest as missiles let loose

Fans run for dear life after Police fired some bullets to disperse the rowdy crowds. Photo by Eddie Chicco  WANKULUKUKU. In life you are sure about two things; taxes and death. But throwing of stones at Wankulukuku, whenever SC Villa visit Express, would fast pick up as a potent bet for punters. But trust the local football fraternity to tempt fate. 02:00 28.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online


The fight for European Champions League places just got more messy as champions Man City are dragged in to join Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool and Spurs.   Although it’s the international weekend, clubs haven’t gone to bed as there is a fierce battle brewing on in England. 02:00 28.03.2015 from channel Monitor Online



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